Hey there, fellow internet enthusiasts! We have some fun news to share with you today. As you might be aware, Reddit is having some issues right now. I'm not going to dive into those, but it's one of the reasons we're doing this.


Today we're announcing Preserve.Games, a place that we hope will provide a new and interesting way for you all to enjoy social link aggregation and discussions online. Preserve.Games aims to be an inclusive space that welcomes everyone interested in game preservation and history.

We have long thought about different ways to engage with you all outside of Discord. We feel that a lot of information that's in there isn't searchable or shareable outside of each server, can not easily be backed up, and information can be spread out a bit random at times. Our goal with Preserve.Games is a platform that empowers you, our awesome community members, while at the same time respects your privacy, recognizing the concerns surrounding data tracking, and intrusive advertising.

What's Lemmy?

At the core of Preserve.Games lies a technology called Lemmy. Unlike traditional social platforms, Lemmy is designed to be decentralized and federated, offering a refreshing alternative to centralized platforms like Reddit and Discord. With Lemmy, users have the opportunity to become part of a network of interconnected communities, focused on inclusivity and autonomy.

Join us!

If this sounds interesting to you, come and join us over at Preserve.Games :)