After talking to many indie game developers and publishers within the past year, we want to make a public service announcement:

We really, really like indie games, like, A LOT!

Since our start in 2020, we have published a handful of interviews with wonderful indie game developers. We’ve worked on not just preserving the story behind the games, but also the story of the people behind the games. Starting right now, we are investing even more in this initiative and we are looking to get in contact with you, dear indie game developers and publishers.

We want to put in place an easy process for you where you can tell your story, and the story behind the games, and preserve assets around your games. Some examples would include the game itself, art assets, design documents, planning documents, music, source code, pitch decks, marketing collateral, and more.

Our overarching goal with this is to become a small part of the game development process, an easy-button for developers and publishers, to collect and organize things for preservation for decades to come.

We want to talk to you now, when you’re in the midst of making the game or recently launched it, instead of trying to reach you in 20 years to talk about that awesome game you created in the early 2020s.

Please reach out at, we’re looking forward to talking to you!

Volunteers wanted!

With this added focus on indie game preservation, we are also looking to add more volunteers to the team.

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Interviewers, to talk to wonderful indie game developers
  • Researchers, to dig into the games and materials surrounding them
  • Archivists, to help organize our online and physical archives

Interested in hearing more?

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