It’s been a minute since we had a big fundraising initiative to promote. The leadership team at Hit Save! has been hard at work prioritizing what we’re going to be focusing our fundraising efforts on. Last year, we worked in concert with the e-Reader Project to raise money for preserving the Nintendo e-Reader. This year, we’re putting our focus on community dumping kits, preservation facilities and services, and most importantly, our Indie Game Preservation Project.

Earlier this week, we put out an open call for indie game developers and publishers to get in touch with us about preserving their development stories, as well as materials from the process. Part of what sets Hit Save! apart from the other excellent video game preservation nonprofits and societies is our focus on indie games and what makes them special. We want to continue this work, but it takes time to interview, edit, and publish each of these pieces to a high standard of quality that will still be relevant for years to come.

So for our next fundraiser, that’s where we’re going to be putting our focus: community and indies.

  • $400 for floppy dumping kits for the community
  • $400 for disc dumping kits for the community
  • $200 for a capture card to capture video in high quality from original consoles
  • $50 for IT8 targets which will help the community when scanning materials
  • $400 which will cover our costs for the online archive and wikis for a full year
  • $800 which will cover our current storage facility costs for a full year
  • $2000 for preservation projects for the year
  • $2000 for open source project funding for the year

On May 22nd at 10am ET, we’ll begin our month-long fundraising activities starting with a marathon stream featuring hardware content creators, preservation streams, retro gaming, and streamers that you’ve seen (and loved) before. Later this month, we’ll be announcing our content creator partners for the marathon stream and opening up the fundraiser for donations. (Stay tuned!)

Questions? Do you wish to be involved? Send a note to Amanda:

We can’t wait to see you on May 22nd!