Welcome to our new site everyone! After 2 years of using a Hugo-powered site, we have migrated over to Ghost. The reasons are many, but the main ones are to make it straightforward for us to collaborate as a team, and to have other content writers be able to publish content in an easier manner. Hope you all like the new look!

Pins and stickers for everyone!

To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, everyone who signs up or are already signed up through either Ghost or Patreon during October gets stickers and a pin! That means all paid levels!

New subscriptions

With our move to Ghost (who is also a nonprofit), you can now donate to Hit Save! with a 0% payment fee, which is 100% less than Patreon's 8% payment fees. That means that if you support us through Ghost, more money goes towards video game preservation instead of going towards Patreon's own bank account.

We're also adding a new feature on the highest tier (Star Base), where all our backers on the highest tier gets their name or preferred handle featured on our site. Thank you so much for your support, and we'll let you know when that page goes live :)

Subscription discounts

With the new payment system on Ghost, we're also able to more easily give discounts. If you're interested in supporting us on a yearly basis we're currently having discounted yearly subscriptions, check it out!