I had a blast playing through the demo of Legends of Astravia earlier this year, and had the pleasure of chatting with Jaiden Alemni of Studio Alemni, the creator behind this wonderful role-playing game full with monsters and challenges. Rest assured, even though it is a sprite-based RPG there are no random encounters, you can easily avoid enemies if you'd like, or do it my way and go out of your way to fight everything on the map :)

The game is coming out in three parts, with the first part being released as the base game. It has a really interesting time-based fight mechanic, where you can speed up or slow down the time yourself and plan your battles very efficiently that way. Dive into a world of mystery and magic in Legends of Astravia today by trying out the demo on Itch or Steam.

Rather listen to the interview on the go? We have just the thing for you:

Full interview transcript

Game development material

Jaiden also shares a treasure trove of material used in the development of the game, check it out:

More information about the game