Matthew has created a beautiful and creative puzzle game called Betty & Earl, where you control everything on screen at the same time. It’s innovative, cute and colorful, and with it’s simplistic yet intriguing shapes it pulls you in for a really fun challenge.

What initially started out as a “bug” in an earlier game Matthew worked on, where all the characters on screen were moving at the same time instead of just controlling the main character, has been turned into a full-fledged game with that “bug” as it’s core mechanic.

Check out the trailer for Betty & Earl to get a feeling of what the game looks and plays like:

The full interview is available on YouTube, your favorite podcast platforms, and also as a complete transcription.

Concept art and level design

We are also able to share an amazing look into the work that Matthew is doing, thanks to him providing us with concept art, level designs, and more — check it out!

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