We are excited to announce our new partnership with VGNYsoft, a fantastic indie game publisher based out of New York. VGNYsoft is passionate about video game history and consider preservation through physical media a critical component of their founding philosophy. We couldn't be happier to have VGNYsoft as a partner.

VGNYsoft has committed to send a copy of each new physical game, as well as any supplemental material, for preservation. They will also help Hit Save! connect with amazing indie developers so we can continue our work on capturing not only the story behind the games, but also the story of the people behind the games.

We are also partnering with Videogamesnewyork, which has maintained a brick-and-mortar video game store in New York City for over twenty years, and has given rise to its independent game publishing affiliate VGNYsoft . The store is focused on preserving the history, culture, and community of video games. They believe firmly in the cruciality of physical media as a means to accomplish that. From the Atari 2600 to the PS5 and beyond, Videogamesnewyork provides a full array of products and services to support every gaming generation from every corner of the globe and keep the community flourishing. We are excited to connect with them, and this partnership will allow us to host historical informative displays and events in their space.

As part of this partnership, VGNYsoft has also offered to share $1 per sale on their site if you're using our affiliate link. The money that we earn off of the affiliate link helps to fund both internal and external projects backed by Hit Save!

We're looking forward to continuing to build our shared mission in preserving indie video games from around the world with our new partners at VGNYsoft and Videogamesnewyork. We can't wait to meet you in New York!

Press release by VGNYsoft