We sat down with Vicky Wei and Jon Lawitts of Redstart Interactive just after they released their first game Get-A-Grip Chip on the Nintendo Switch. We cover their development progress which was very quick (less than a year!), how they met up with local play testers, and their influences for the game. We also talk about their experiences working with a translation team to get their game translated from English to Japanese, how the release process works to get a game onto the Switch, and much more.

Early sketches of Chip

You can view the full interview on YouTube below, and it is also available as a podcast.

For all of you who would like to dive into the development material we discuss and show during the interview, they are available for your enjoyment.

View of Unity behind the scenes

If you would rather read the full interview we have it fully transcribed at https://github.com/hitsave/interview-transcripts. Automated transcription services aren't perfect so there will be errors, if you want to help us fix those errors please reach out!

Thank you so much Jon and Vicky for sharing the history behind your amazing game!

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